Let's Try Something New at Audie's Bar and Grill

We have a couple of days left before we Dj at Audie's Bar & Grill so don't forget! Also we are planning to stream a live video feed to our website and to Facebook so you can watch us even if you can't make it! We rather you come out and join us on Saturday the 26th instead! I will be keeping an eye on the U stream chat on our website, so if you request a song in chat I will queue it up for DJ Jimmy Ray to mix it in! I will also be keeping an eye on twitter, if you want to request a song or just chat use the hash tag  #scptv  I will try to respond to everybody that wants to chat or request music! This will be the first time we try this and i'm not 100% sure we can pull it off. Join us at Audie's or online and let your friends know that it's party time. Keep checking back at our website for any new Gigs we may have and don't forget if you ever need an awesome DJ don't hesitate to get in touch with us! Hope to see you soon!