Make a Commitment to Getting Healthy

     Don't think of the Nutritarian Diet as a diet fad that will be replaced in a couple of months with the newest diet of the month. It's more of a lifestyle change similar to becoming a vegan. If you are already a vegan, stick around, you can still learn a lot from a nutritarian diet. This will be a drastic change, for those of you who eat meat, but don't worry, change can be a great thing. Of course making a change like this in your life won't be easy, but it is not impossible. My wife and I have made the change and we don't feel like we are missing out on anything. We are actually getting more motivated by the way we feel and how we are losing weight without exercising, although we are going to begin to exercise soon. We are both losing weight and eating as much of this delicious food as we can, which means we are not hungry. That is the most important factor to me, when I went on diets before I was always starving myself by eating such small portions to try to keep my calorie intake down, which is why dieting doesn't work. In one month I have lost 20 pounds and I feel great. I sleep better, my knees don't hurt anymore, my allergies haven't been acting up, I feel more energized and ready for anything. I also feel more confidant in general. The new year is almost here and most people make losing weight one of their new year's resolutions, well this year make getting healthy your new year's resolution and join me in becoming a Nutritarian. Lets get healthy and get to an ideal weight, by eating the right kinds of food and exercising, together. Lets Eat To Live!