Let's Get Healthy Together!

     My name is Mike, and I have decided to get healthy. I am starting a podcast on the SCP Radio Network to help me stay motivated and maybe help others get healthy as well. This all started when I read a book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, "Eat To Live!". This book changed the way I think about food. I was always a hard core meat eater, and would always make sure that every meal had some type of meat. I am also no stranger to diets and working out, I've been on a couple of diets and I've worked out most of my life and have always been over weight. If I lost any weight, I would gain it back with interest after I would inevitably stop dieting. Diets just don't work, trying to eat small portions of food for every meal will not last and when you run out of will power you will go back to eating with a vengeance. This creates the yoyo effect of losing weight and then gaining it back plus some, which is even worse than if you hadn't gone on a diet at all. This is the reason that I had given up on trying to lose weight by changing my eating habits and just try to brute force the weight loss by just exercising, which would only work temporarily and then the pounds would return. I know I am not the only one who struggles to get to a more healthy weight which is why I want to share the information I learned from the book "Eat To Live". You should  buy it and read it immediately, then come back here to discuss your thoughts and ideas. Lets start a Nutritarian Cult to support each other in reaching our goals to becoming healthy. Eating the Nutritarian Diet will give your body the nutrients it needs to protect you from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer and many other diseases that are caused by meat, sugar and processed food. I know this sounds crazy, meat causes disease, but it's been proven in multiple research studies. Like I said, read the book, Dr. Fuhrman goes into detail about all of the damage that occurs when you eat the Standard American Diet. Follow me on this journey to becoming healthy and as a side effect getting down to my optimum weight. The podcast will stream live on every other Monday at 8pm and the first show will be on Monday January 4th, 2016. If you are ready to make a drastic change in your life for your health or you are interested in finding out more about this Nutritarian Diet be sure to listen on SCPRadio.com or on demand at soudcloud.com/scpradio. See you soon!